Doctrine of Res Gestae under Evidence Act 1872

Walking on the edges of the footpath, you hear a screeching voice of a woman, turn to the left and exclaim in shock “oh my god, someone help” when you witness her being robbed off by a gang of four men. Will your statement be admissible in the eyes of law?”

Section 6 of Evidence Act embodied the concept of Res Gestae.

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Opinion of Third Person When Relevant means Expert Opinion

expert evidence is information or opinion given by an expert in any field that person is specialized in, which comes out to be evidence in any matter. In field of law, expert witness is a person whose opinion is accepted by judge relating to any fact or evidence.

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शासन के अंग – Organs Of The Government

किसी भी सरकार के अस्तित्व में आने के बाद शासन स्तर उसके सामने कई चुनौतियां होती है जैसे कानूनों का निर्माण या संशोधन , कानूनों को लागू करवाना तथा उसी कानूनी प्रक्रिया के अनुसार झगड़ों व विवादों का निपटारा ।

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